Increase Libido with Yoga

I am Old now

Let me tell you why this topic came to my mind.I am 66 years old retired man.In last few months I felt my libido is going down.During last one year only. I learnt about website designing and Domains.This “” is my own domain and this website has been developed by me.
I realised that I stared giving more time to my new hobby and is loosing my Libido.So while trying to help me out I found this article ” Increase your libido by Yoga” well discribed by “
I am reproducing the beautiful blog of there’s.

How Yoga Can Improve Sex Life

There are many fabulous yoga poses that help increase circulation to our pelvic region, that make the whole area come more alive, resulting in a fun-filled, love-fuelled time under the sheets with your beloved!

You can use these yoga poses as a gateway into a deeper experience of loving intimacy and total relaxation. Here are some poses that without a doubt will help you to increase your libido:

1.Cat/Cow Flow
2.Bound Angle Pose
3.Pigeon Pose
4.Eagle Pose
5.Downward Dog

For details of these poses,please refer to doyouyoga where they have explained how to do them to achieve right libido

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