The Indoor Generation

We are 90% indoor

Today I received one video in my WhatsApp.This video I repeated four times. Every time I was watching this, it was as if I am revisiting my own living lifestyle. Always inside my house, locked in the heavy curtained study room, visiting others by driving car, which also has drawn glasses and a/c on. Running to the gym, coffee house, all closed doors with heavy air.

We have really forgotten how to live. Yes, this is true. We have stopped getting sun inside our homes or.I will say, we have rejected sunlight. No natural light. To compensate for these losses, we have plants inside, artificial lights and what not.

According to the World Health Organization  Millions of citizens within the WHO European Region spend approximately 90% of their time indoors: in their homes (2/3 of this time), workplaces, schools, and public spaces.
This report under the heading “Combined or multiple exposure to health stressors in indoor built environments” This report aims to explore and shed light on the links between different exposure stressors and modifiers people confront in residential dwellings, day care centers, schools, and kindergartens. It summarizes a systematic review of literature and project reports presenting evidence on multiple or combined risk exposure in indoor environments, covering the range of health risks encountered.


Further, a recent  report by VELUX  backed by data from YouGov, an international market research, and data analytics firm, highlights some startling statistics about “the Indoor Generation” — and how the inclination to stay inside affects health and happiness.
Incidentally, the video I was talking about was released by Velux .I am embedding this video which explains how and why we have closed yourself in indoors, and what we should do.

Another detailed article on this subject is on USA TODAY  
They have done extensive research and we need to follow them.

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