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“The goal of yoga is to quiet the mind. It’s about self-realization and living life at the most profound level. Yoga is about opening up, diving within and experiencing a deep connection with your true self. It’s about feeling that interconnectedness with all things and beings. It’s about being one with the Universe and at peace with ourselves”

“Besides getting our minds to slow down and improving our overall mental health, yoga has numerous physical benefits as well. A regular hatha yoga practice helps increase your body’s flexibility, helps improve posture, helps relieve and heal backaches, helps reduce blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol and decrease body fat, helps prevent injury and helps to stabilize blood glucose levels (which are an important factor in the prevention or minimalization of diabetes). Being a low-impact form of exercise, hatha yoga helps to prevent arthritis and bone loss. In addition, a regular yoga practice will strengthen, lengthen and tone the muscles in the body. Yoga also promotes better sleep and improves digestion and, often times, metabolism.”

These are the taglines of Yoga by Degrees.,which I am reviewing today

The most interesting thing is they increase the temperature up to 105 during Yoga. This is kind of Bikram yoga where studios are heated to 105 F and 40% humidity.

Yoga by Degrees mentions this rise in temperature as “Heat allows for a deeper cleansing of the body. Heat boosts the body’s circulation, loosens up the muscles and detoxifies the organs. Heat allows for greater range of motion in joints, muscles, ligaments and other supporting structures of the body. Heat also has a calming affect on the mind.”

They have used one word “Hatha Yoga”.

Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in America. .Yoga was developed in ancient India as far back as 5,000 years ago. Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word (an ancient Indic language of India)  which means “union”.

Many types of yoga fall under hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is the practice to include three elements: physical poses (moving asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana). Any type of yoga that presents those three elements — this includes Bikram, Ashtanga, Anusara, or Iyengar — is also considered hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga is at the top and includes a number of different formations of Yoga

They have FAQ section where everything is explained in details, about yoga, age limit and yoga wears etc.

They have branches at Wheaton, Western Springs, Elmhurst, Downers Grove, Glen Ellyn and South Napervilla.

Contact them by phone at 630-690-9642 (Wheaton)708-783-1226 (Western Springs)630-782-9642 (Elmhurst)630-969-0820 (Downers Grove)630-793-5500 (Glen Ellyn/Lombard) 630-305-8214 (South Naperville), or via e-mail through their standard form on their website

They have 15 photos on Yelp with rating 4.5/5  (15 Reviews) for Naperville Branch,

The website is safe and secure for surfing.

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