Yoga in Flight

Flue in Emirate Flight

On September 5,2018,about 100 passengers coming from Dubai to Newyork,by Emmirates,airlines.reported of flu-like symptoms. Eleven people including passengers and crew weret taken to a New York City hospital for further examination and treatment.
In another incident, after one day, passengers fell sick with flu-like symptoms, in two American Airline flights in Philadelphia.
The passengers  on American Airlines flights were arriving from Paris and Munich and reported symptoms like coughing, fever, or vomiting akin to the passengers on an Emirates flight at JFK International airport in New York just one day before.


Safety Precautions

Research shows you have the highest risk of catching sickness on a plane if you’re seated within two rows of an infected person.You can try to save yourself by any of following method-
  • use a nasal spray
  • get a flu shot prior to travelling.
  • use a hand sanitiser
  •  you could try wearing a face mask
    I was thinking in normal case can we do some yoga exercise also to keep fitt during long haul flight of 14 hours.

Yoga in Long haul flights

According to a recent study by the Flight Safety Foundation, blood clotting during long flights is a medical problem that can strike even the relatively young and physically fit, due to cramped conditions in which the densely spaced seating and narrow aisles make it difficult to move around. The circulation tends to slow down when the body is immobile. Yoga in Flight improves circulation and can help prevent this problem. It may not resolve all your travel-related problems, but it can make a real difference in the way you feel on your first days abroad.

According to,Your Yoga in Flight routine begins with a short breathing exercise and ends with a relaxation technique. In between you will stretch and loosen each part of the body from foot to head. You can do it with the seat belt loosely fastened in the confined space of an economy-class seat without infringing on the adjacent passenger’s space. Some of the exercises actually use the seat as a prop. The routine takes about 30 minutes. It is best to begin with your seat in the upright position. Socks or soft slippers are comfortable for your feet, and waiting at least an hour after a meal is comfortable for your stomach. If you have any concerns about standing out from the crowd, just think about how outstanding you’ll feel at the end of the flight!

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