Yoga in Office

Office Yoga

Sitting long times on computer work strains the neck, shoulder and back muscles. This leads to a sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders. If these strains are not handled properly, it could lead to an inability to function effectively at the workplace.  Overall quality of life is disturbed. When you go home you feel tired and strained. This further effect life at home with family and friends.
Office yoga comprises of a sequence of simple exercises you can perform quite unobtrusively at your desk, at any time of the day. (designed by

Corporate Yoga Exercise

Making corporate yoga exercises a part of your routine can work wonders as they wipe away body pain, fatigue and tension and increase overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping you fresh and revitalized through the day
This concept of Corporate Yoga, a health-focused initiative, has been adopted nowadays by corporates. Most employers know that one of the keys to workplace productivity is having happy and healthy employees. Most of the corporates have health and wellness centers in their offices. The best-known corporates are Unilever, Nike, Google, Microsoft and so on.

Desktop Yoga Exercise

Some of the exercises which can be easily done sitting on the working desk are here. There is no need of having exclusive yoga rooms for these exercises.
1. Seated Spinal Twist-Very simple and easy exercise and should be regularly done. Sitting on chair twist your waist to the right towards the back of the chair and then on other side and repeat a few times so that your waist feel relaxed.
2. Forward Bend-Bring back your arms, lock your fingers behind back, and bend forward. Stay for few seconds, come back normal and repeat.
3.Neck Roll-Begin the circular motion of your neck slowly, by moving to the right shoulder, taking the head backward and then bringing to the left shoulder. Repeat comfortably.
4. Wrist and Finger Stretches-This exercise is very important as desk job on computers make the fingers num. Extend the arms to the sides or overhead and make circular inward and outward rotation of the wrists. Next, hold one hand in other and press inwards and repeat with a change of hands position. This should be repeated every two hours.
5.Sit and Stand -Simply stand stiff from the chair, then sit, stand again and repeat.
All these exercises are very common and unknowingly we do them. But doing them regularly at a stretch relieves body stress and mental tension.

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